WE ARE MIYAKO ADVENTURE PiPi Are you having fun in MIYAKO island?


Hello everyone !  This is MIYAKO ADVENTURE PiPi !


We are the best and biggest marine activity tour shop in Okinawa !





宮古島 ウミガメシュノーケリング

We have prepared a wide variety of activities to make wonderful memories of your trip !

At Cave – You can go to special limestone cave by Canoe.

At Ocean – You can enjoy with SUP (Stand up paddle boarding) or Canoe and Snorkeling.

At Night – You can explore to find unique creatures and see tons of stars at night jangle.

Let’s check this out ASAP !!  You MUST be exciting by participating our tour!

1 day Plans
As you already know, we have a lot of activity plans all day long.

It’s perfect for those who came to MIYAKO Island but don’t know what to do.

No need to worry about language barriers! English-speaking staffs will teach you how to enjoy MIYAKO island!

Half day plans
石垣島 川平湾 SUP
It’s okay to have unexpected free time !

There are early morning tour, AM tour, PM tour, Sunset time tour and Night time tour.

You can participate at any time you want !

Tour transportation service has started!

PiPi is the only company on Miyakojima that provides free transportation throughout Miyakojima!

If you would like to use transportation, please contact us after making your reservation!

Our transfer service will definitely make your trip to Miyakojima smoother and more memorable.

Is it okay to book our tour the day before or on the day?


We accept reservations on the day before or on the day. We are preparing to flexibly respond to last-minute reservations. Please feel free to contact us first.

Are tours SAFE?

Have a safe and happy memory. PiPi has established its own safety standards such as careful local checks, and we are thoroughly committed to a tour that is never unreasonable. All guides are certified water rescuers. We also provide in-house and external training. Also, please be sure to wear our designated safety equipment (life jackets, etc.) during the tour. Please note that the tour will be canceled if you do not follow the instructions of the guide.

Can I get photos of the tour?
PiPi believes that “memories are something to leave in shape”. During the tour, the guide will take pictures and present the data for FREE!!
Eco-friendly Tour
To preserve the abundant nature of MIYAKO Island, PiPi implements carbon offsets in all of its tours.

Carbon offset (neutral) refers to the initiative of compensating for CO2 emissions by providing funding to projects such as forest conservation, thereby offsetting the amount of CO2 generated.

The emitted CO2 is offset through the implementation of the invested projects, contributing to efforts in preventing global warming.

Furthermore, certain tours also offer programs that incorporate direct environmental conservation activities such as beach clean-ups.